The founders of research and publish their findings on the veracity of urban legends and other stories and rumours, so the original content the website publishes is based in fact. However, the urban legends an... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Truth or fiction websites like, and provide fact checking for rumors, hoaxes and urban legends. Once a question is received, the staff at the website researches the question,... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Snopes offers a search bar that allows users to search through the website for fact-checked information. Snopes keeps a large repository of research into popular urban legends, viral media stories, rumors and other dubio... More »

similar articles uses in-depth research and analysis to differentiate fact from fiction, exposing untruths like rumors, urban legends and fallacies. The site bases its ratings on a "fact versus fiction" scale, and an item's st... More » Technology Internet & Networking

While it is important to independently investigate information on the Internet, Snopes is considered a relatively accurate website. Snopes is devoted to investigating and either validating or debunking incredible claims,... More » answers questions about popular urban legends, rumors that spread by email or the Internet, and other stories of questionable origin. investigates items in several categories, such as food, history,... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Snopes fact checks a wide variety of information including urban legends, old wives' tales, questionable news stories, Internet rumors and spurious e-mail forwards. Snopes also investigates rumors about itself, such as t... More » Technology Internet & Networking