Snails are not insects. They are members of the class Gastropoda, and are more closely related to squid than to the insects that live in gardens. More »

Snails live in many different habitats and can be found in deserts, water environments, ditches, forests and marshes. Even when they live in hot environments, snails try to find shady areas. They are out more frequently ... More »

Assassin snails are popular among many freshwater aquarium enthusiasts for their ability to eat pest snails that tend to take over contained aquatic environments with live plants. Such pest snails include the Malaysian t... More »

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Millipedes eat decaying plant materials and wood particles, and they sometimes eat decayed animals like insects, earthworms and snails. If their habitats dry out, millipedes tend to invade living plants to get moisture. ... More »

Kids can color worksheets, do crafts and even make recipes that resemble insects. These activities can be a chance to help children gain knowledge of bugs, or they can simply be for fun. More »

The typical diet for a potato bug includes various insects, roots and tubers. "Potato bug" is an informal term that refers to the Jerusalem cricket. Jerusalem crickets are large bugs that may reach 50 millimeters in leng... More »

The typical lifespan of stick insects, also referred to as walking sticks, is usually around two years. The nymph of the stick insect looks like a miniature version of the adult. Stick insects reach maturity between the ... More »