Snails need water to survive, and some snails do drink water; some species of snails absorb water from the air or, in the case of water snails, from the water they live in. Snails often consume liquid when eating various... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Slugs & Snails

Snails live in many different habitats and can be found in deserts, water environments, ditches, forests and marshes. Even when they live in hot environments, snails try to find shady areas. They are out more frequently ... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Slugs & Snails

Snails are not insects. They are members of the class Gastropoda, and are more closely related to squid than to the insects that live in gardens. More »

Snails consist of thousands of different species and consume a wide variety of different diets, although most land snails are herbivorous. For example, the common garden snail consumes cultivated plants, including citrus... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Slugs & Snails

Ocean snails breathe using gills while freshwater snails breathe using lungs. Ocean snails can have one or two gills, and the gills allow the snails to remain completely submerged all the time. Freshwater snails have som... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Slugs & Snails

Garden snails are suitable as pets, especially for kids, as they need little maintenance. Snails mainly eat fruits and vegetables, but they also need foods high in calcium, such as crushed egg shells or cuttlefish bone, ... More »

Snails are born out of white/yellow eggs from their mother or father, as snails are hermaphrodites, and hatch approximately 2 or 4 weeks after being laid. For the baby snails to hatch, the weather has to be the perfect m... More »