"Smooth jazz is a form of instrumental music that draws from R More » Art & Literature

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Good songs for an instrumental music recital include classical favorites such as "Minuet in D Minor" by Bach and "Sonata in C Major, K95, L358" by Scarlatti; contemporary favorites, such as "Le Petit Nègre" by Claude Deb... More » Art & Literature

"Old school jams" are songs performed in the R&B, funk and early hip-hop genres during the 1980s. Some songs from the late 1970s and early 1990s also qualify as old school jams. More » Art & Literature

Popping and locking refer to dance moves that started as funk moves and are now used commonly in hip-hop dance. When popping, the dancer is forcing a part of his body outward in a movement that looks like a mini-explosio... More » Art & Literature

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are primarily a rock band, but they use elements of the genres of funk, punk rock and psychedelic rock in their music. The sound has been described as "funk rock." More » Art & Literature