Smooth jazz is a form of instrumental music that draws from R&B, pop, jazz, Latin, funk and fusion influences. It first gained notoriety as a commercialized genre in the 1980s, although the playing style dates back to th... More » Art & Literature

A few examples of the smooth jazz songs played on Sky FM are "Early Autumn," "Nice and Easy," and "The Look of Love." Sky FM offers many smooth jazz channels, both instrumental and vocal, to cater to all tastes. More » Art & Literature

The Smooth Jazz Cruise generally takes place during the winter months, but it can change each year. For example, the cruise dates for 2016 are January 10 to 17 and February 21 to 28. The Smooth Jazz Cruise sails through ... More » Geography
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Good songs for an instrumental music recital include classical favorites such as "Minuet in D Minor" by Bach and "Sonata in C Major, K95, L358" by Scarlatti; contemporary favorites, such as "Le Petit Nègre" by Claude Deb... More » Art & Literature

"Old school jams" are songs performed in the R&B, funk and early hip-hop genres during the 1980s. Some songs from the late 1970s and early 1990s also qualify as old school jams. More » Art & Literature

Popping and locking refer to dance moves that started as funk moves and are now used commonly in hip-hop dance. When popping, the dancer is forcing a part of his body outward in a movement that looks like a mini-explosio... More » Art & Literature

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are primarily a rock band, but they use elements of the genres of funk, punk rock and psychedelic rock in their music. The sound has been described as "funk rock." More » Art & Literature