Creating a smoky eyes effect involves layering shades of makeup and blending them together. Traditionally, the darkest shade goes on first, near the lash line, the medium shade on the main part of the lid and the lightes... More »

To get a good smoky eye, use moisturizer or primer on the lid first, and use the right makeup brush. A medium round brush is best for adding eyeshadow to the crease and just above it. More »

Eye makeup can improve the natural beauty of anyone if used correctly. They key is to experiment and find what techniques and colors work best for you. There are three main components to full eye makeup: liner, mascara, ... More »

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When looking for makeup colors and shades that suit you, it is important to consider the color of your lips, eyes, complexion, brows and hair. According to make-up artist Fiona Stiles, darker complexions can suit warm co... More »

The goal of using makeup for older women is to appear well-rested and to look like their best possible self by using moisturizers, choosing lighter colors and accentuating the eyes. Makeup should look natural while enhan... More »

One easy way to apply princess makeup is to apply eye shadow in pink and pearly white shades, pink blush, self-adhesive scrapbooking jewels, cosmetic glitter, and pink lipstick. You need an eye shadow brush, a blush brus... More »

To cover up a finger tattoo with makeup, you need hand soap, warm water, a clean hand towel, translucent setting powder, a fluffy powder brush, two stiff concealer brushes, cosmetic setting spray, a disposable cosmetic s... More »