To achieve red carpet-ready smoky eyes, use a multi-tonal eye shadow palette. Apply the shadow in a way that illuminates the eyes and use a liberal dose of mascara. Follow these steps for smoky, seductive eyes. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner

To apply smoky eye makeup, prime the eyelids, apply dark eyeliner, apply light eye shadow, then define the creases with darker shadow, and apply mascara. This 10-minute procedure requires a mirror, eyelid primer, dark ey... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eye Shadow

Creating a smoky eyes effect involves layering shades of makeup and blending them together. Traditionally, the darkest shade goes on first, near the lash line, the medium shade on the main part of the lid and the lightes... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up
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The key to becoming an eye makeup model is a clear, healthy pair of eyes and a willingness to search and contact national modeling agencies that specifically represent the small niche market of eye modeling. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner

According to, to apply eyeliner correctly, start at the outside of the eye and work inward. Choosing the right color of eyeliner also helps to create a finished look. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner

To apply eyeliner, first sharpen the eye pencil. Hold your eyes taut, and draw small, light dots along the lash line. Use an eye shadow brush and a matching eye shadow to sweep across the dots, and then sweep the brush a... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner

For a perfect cat eye made with liquid eyeliner, apply a simple scotch tape template around the eye and then trace its shape and fill in darker areas. Once the face is fully made up a dulled piece of tape ensures an even... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eyeliner