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I wont put all of them, but the one i tried was this: get some unsalted, unroasted peanuts. Take the shells off and eat the peanut. Then save the skin. Roll it into a ciggarete and smoke. Ok, so it sounds stupid. And i felt stupid as i sat there for an hour or so getting the skins of a pound of peanuts.


Doubtful, but it may make you awfully sick. Many people are allergic to peanuts, and can have fatal reactions to simply inhaling the dust. There are often fungal spores on peanut shells, so it would make sense if it got inside the shells that a pe...


Anyway, I bought a bag of peanuts a week ago and tried this out, smoked a j with peanut skin, didnt work, so I started filling up bowls and I smoked a good 5-6 bowls and got up on my two feet and felt weird. I felt kind of strecteched out and hollow inside myself.


The skin is the body's largest organ. It is thin and, while tough, is subject to damage in various ways. The two worst are sun exposure and cigarette smoking.


Peanut skins . Along the same lines as the banana peel legend, a rumor that smoking peanut skins could get you high started among the late 1960s counterculture. As with banana peel, it takes a lot of fiddly effort and any resulting "high" is pure placebo. Salicylic acid . Mobilat is a salve containing salicylic acid, used for muscle aches.


anybody ever tried smoking peanut skins (skippy)? i read about it in the anarchists cookbook but it doesn't get me high anybody tried it


I was really really bored today, and i have just started smoking. i tried the peanit skin thing, but not much, like half a skin... it made me feel sort of weird, though it might have a narcotic effect if you smoke a lot of it. (i felt something, like a buzzing feeling and like everyting was "pinching") anyone ever tried to smoke a lot of it?


You can not get high from smoking peanut shells. Your friend was either fooling himself or jerking your chain. There is no credible evidence to support this myth, and believe me, if people could get high from smoking peanuts (or peanut shells, or peanut butter) this would be very popular.


A new study from the University of Maryland does show that the thin, brown skins of peanuts are a mixed bag, as they may inhibit the growth of both beneficial and harmful microbes in the gut. The investigation also showed that peanut skins promote the growth of the harmful bacteria E. coli and ...