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To watch YouTube content on a Smart TV, start the YouTube app on the TV, access the Sign In page, and find the necessary activation code. Log in with your Google account on your computer, select the desired identity, and enter the activation code in the appropriate fiel...


A smart TV is any television capable of Internet connectivity. Once connected, a smart TV can stream video on demand from providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, and they can utilize online options that include Web surfing, instant messaging and social networking.


An activation code is needed to watch YouTube on a smart TV. The YouTube app is also necessary.


Smart TVs work by using special computer processors and memory to help the TV juggle video processing, upscaling, Internet connection and music and video buffering. By definition, a smart TV is any television that can connect to the Internet to access streaming media de...


Major electronics outlets such as Walmart, Sears and Best Buy all stock smart TVs both on their showroom floors and online in their Web stores where customers can compare prices and specifications. These televisions are designed to function as the centerpieces of home m...


The Google Chromecast is a digital video player dongle designed to be plugged into an HDMI outlet on a TV and powered by the USB outlet on the TV. The device connects to a wireless network and allows users to stream video via mobile and web apps that support Chromecast.


Smart TVs connect to the Internet to stream video or for other tasks. There is no standard for smart TV features or interfaces, so buyers should research individual models before making purchases.