Purchase small plastic wheels for model cars at or These sites feature a wide variety of plastic wheels and other parts and accessories for model cars. More » Hobbies & Games Toys

According to car expert Carl O'Reilly, common causes of squeaky car wheels include inadequate lubrication, faulty wheel bearings, damaged wheel covers, worn brake pads and road debris caught between a rotor and its shiel... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Caster wheels could be made of plastic, polyurethane, stainless steel, aluminium, rubber or nylon. The material depends on the application, whether the caster wheel is to be used to wheel a light or a heavy suitcase. More » Beauty & Fashion Accessories
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Old plastic model cars are available for sale at and Both shops offer a wide selection of different models of cars, trucks and vehicle products. More » Hobbies & Games Toys

As of 2015, used slot cars are available at, on the Slot Car Trading Post page at, and in classified sections on some slot car enthusiasts sites, such as and ... More » Hobbies & Games Toys

As of 2015 HO scale slot cars are available for purchase online from hobby sites such as and is also a good source for HO scale slot cars. More » Hobbies & Games Toys

Online retailers selling die-cast model cars include,,, and Die-cast cars for sale include a wide range of years, makes and mod... More » Hobbies & Games Toys