As of 2015, fiberglass pool prices typically range from $20,000 to $40,000. This amount includes basic installation, which normally includes a pump, filter and one ladder. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

When purchasing a propane tank, ask about the warranty, look at financing options, determine what is included in the price, and compare prices for renting and owning. Propane is cost effective and energy efficient for ho... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

The price of crushed limestone ultimately depends on which supplier is providing the product, with local suppliers sometimes having lower prices than those of third-party retail chains, according to Braen Stone. The comp... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Husqvarna does not publish a comprehensive price list but individual product prices are available at, as of 2015. Prices are available by clicking category links on the Products page for items such as zero ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

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Propane tank refill prices depend on the current price of propane, the size of the tank and the filling company's fee, according to U-Haul and Ferrellgas. Customers can view weekly historic prices of propane through the ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

As of 2015, the average price range of palm tree removal is usually between $200 and $500. However, this cost can vary depending on certain circumstances, such as the size of the tree. More » Home & Garden Outdoor