Free small business plans are offered online by Enloop and SCORE. At, individuals can sign up to use its business plan creator tool for free and make one plan. SCORE offers a free generic business plan generat... More »

Create a business plan for a small nonprofit much as you would a plan for a regular business, with sections for the executive summary, the services or products the nonprofit offers, and a needs analysis. The business pla... More » Business & Finance and both offer detailed information and outlines for good small business plans. There is no one template for a business plan because each plan reflects the unique characteristics of the specific... More »

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To fund your small business, get a small business loan from a credit union or community lender, recommends Forbes. Large nationwide banks are much less likely to approve the loan. Small business loans usually have a rela... More »

The first step to running a successful small business is to make sure you are passionate about your business idea. Next, select a good business location, keep track of your finances, and choose your employees wisely. Off... More »

An entrepreneur can start a small business by preparing a business plan, choosing and registering a business name, getting a tax identification number and applying for a business license or permit. An entrepreneur must o... More »

Among the essential elements that a small business needs to have to become successful include a sound business plan, protection from liabilities and employees who are motivated and are fit for the type of business. Start... More »