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"Slowly I Turned" is a popular vaudeville sketch wherein a character is relating a story and is triggered into violent outbursts when the listener inadvertently utters a triggering word or phrase. ... "Slowly I turned...step by step...inch by inch...," as he approaches the stunned onlooker. ...


Does anyone know the origin of the phrase "Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch"?


Now I don’t want you to pummel anyone, but I love the famous saying and I use it in STEP FOUR of “The 5C Solution”.“Slowly I turn…Step by Step…Inch by Inch.” That is how plans get implemented.


No plant manager decides to turn her plant into a dirty, unsafe, inefficient facility, but it happens — gradually. ... “Slowly I turned . . . step by step . . . inch by inch . . .” It worked ...


Slowly I turned … step by step … inch by inch … and the dogs, who are used to this rate, entertain themselves exploring the bounty of scents calling out for their enthusiastic investigation. They are happy.


"Slowly I turned... step by step, inch by inch," Al said, heading to his weather monitor. Only one problem: Though Al has made the reference before, not everyone understood it. Which calls for a ...


One of them recites the line ("slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch"), and when he says the last word, something bad happens, either a chandelier falls on someones head, or one of them falls in a full bathtub, or whatever.


Slowly I Turned and Step by Step, Inch by Inch, America Falls. There was an old comic routine that the Three Stooges used to do that was called, “Slowly I Turned.” As I look at the world these days that routine comes to mind.