According to Fit Pregnancy, amniotic fluid is often clear, watery and sometimes has white flecks in it. Once an amniotic leak starts, it usually continues until delivery. Sometimes the baby's head plugs the leak and stop... More »

Signs and symptoms of ovulation vary based on a woman's age and health condition, but common signs of ovulation include changes in cervical fluid, changes in the cervical firmness and position, and changes in basal body ... More »

To determine whether the leak is urine or amniotic fluid, wear a sanitary pad for a short time, and examine the pad, suggests MedlinePlus. Amniotic fluid is typically odorless and clear, says Mayo Clinic. The leak may be... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

Amniotic fluid looks like water with a slight yellow tint, according to the National Institutes of Health MedlinePlus website. A pregnant woman at full term, or 40 weeks gestation, has between 600 milliliters and 800 mil... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

When a pregnant woman's water breaks, it creates a sensation of wetness in the vaginal area that can range from a trickle to a rush of amniotic fluid, explains WebMD. The water-breaking process occurs in pregnant women w... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy

Medline Plus states that amniotic fluid allows the fetus to move, helps the lungs develop, provides a heat buffer that keeps the fetus at a constant temperature and cushions the fetus. Additional functions reported by Pr... More »

When an expecting mother's water breaks, she may experience a sensation of wetness in the vaginal or perineal areas, and there can be an obvious gush or continuous slow trickle of fluid. According to Mayo Clinic, determi... More »