The slope-intercept form of an equation is written as y - y1 = m(x - x1). The variable m indicates the value of the slope, and the values for y1 and x1 equal the coordinates at a given point on the line. More » Math Algebra

The slope-intercept form of the equation of a line is y = mx b, where m is the slope of the line and b is the y intercept. To solve for y, multiply the x value by the slope, then add the y-intercept. To solve for x, su... More » Math Algebra

The slope intercept form for a line is expressed as y = mx b. In that equation, y is the value of the y-coordinate, x is the value of the x-coordinate, m is the value of the slope, and b is the value of the y-intercept... More » Math Algebra
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According to South Eastern Louisiana University, to solve for the x and y intercepts in a linear equation of the form y = mx + b, set one of the variables, either x or y depending on the desired intercept, equal to zero,... More » Math Algebra

To solve an equation in one variable graphically, first manipulate the equation to put it in the form f(x) = 0, where x represents the variable present in the equation. Then use mathematical software, a graphing calculat... More » Math Algebra

Change a quadratic function to its vertex form by applying a process called completing the square, then isolate the y variable on one side of the equation. The vertex form is represented by the formula y = a(x-h)^2 + k, ... More » Math Algebra

To solve the slope of 3x + 2y = 8, the equation must first be put into slope intercept form with y on the left side and the remaining numbers on the right side. It can be transformed to 2y = -3x + 8, which will then be s... More » Math Algebra