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How to Choose the Right Sunscreen for Your Skin Type. ... For extended, intense exposure, you should use a broadspectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. SPF 30 filters out up to 97 percent of the sun’s UV radiation; SPF 50 filters out up to 98 percent.


Know your skin type: ... “Sheer Tint SPF 45 from PCA SKIN is a great option because it has a universal tint that blurs imperfections and gives the skin a great glow,” says board-certified ...


Use the Sun Protection Factor Guide to help determine your skin type and appropriate SPF. If you have very fair or sensitive skin, a history of skin cancer, or take photo-sensitizing medications, you may need a higher SPF. Extended periods of sun exposure also call for a higher SPF.


Protect your face from the sun with Olay’s moisturizing SPF formulas. ... Skin Type . Combination Skin. Dry Skin. Normal Skin. Oily Skin. Sensitive. Collection . Classics. Complete. Gift Sets. ... Olay Complete Cream Moisturizer with SPF 15 Sensitive Skin, 2.0 oz. $9.49. Olay Complete Lotion Moisturizer with SPF 15 Sensitive, 1.7 oz. $6.99.


SPF is the only way to help protect your skin against the harsh, damaging effects of UV rays —among them, wrinkles, dark spots, and more serious consequences like skin cancer. While important for everyone, sunscreen isn’t always a one-sized fits all product.


SPF, or Sun Protection Factor,is a measure of how well a sunscreen will protect skin from UVB rays, the kind of radiation that causes sunburn, damages skin, and can contribute to skin cancer. If your skin would normally burn after 10 minutes in the sun, applying an SPF 15 sunscreen would allow you to stay in the sun without burning for ...


The Best Sunscreen for Every Skin Type. Jenn Sinrich. Yes, you need to wear sunscreen every day. Find out which one is the best for you. ... SPF 15 can suffice, but otherwise, look for products ...


How to find a sunscreen for your skin type. Source: g-stockstudio/ Shutterstock “It’s important to select a sunscreen that blocks enough UV rays to protect your skin type. Make sure you choose one that not only has a high SPF (to protect against the burning UVB rays) but one that also has at least a 4-star UVA rating, preferably 5 stars.


Enter our favorite double-duty product—moisturizer with SPF. From drugstore brands to the best at Sephora, these SPF-filled sunscreen moisturizers are the best you can get for 2019.


Certain types of skin are at greater risk for developing sun damage and skin cancer. Do you know your skin type? The Fitzpatrick Skin Type is a skin classification system first developed in 1975 by Thomas Fitzpatrick, MD, of Harvard Medical School. There are six skin phototypes, going from light to dark.