Photos of skin tags are found at WebMD and MedicineNet along with a brief description of skin tags. A skin tag is defined as a small piece of hanging tissue that connects to the skin through a stalk, explains WebMD. More »

According to Healthline, skin tags are harmless growths consisting of fibrous tissue and blood vessels that can develop on the skin of the neck, chest, groin, armpits, stomach and eyelids. Skin tags are typically similar... More »

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At-home treatments for removing skin tags include freezing or cutting off the tag, as reported by MedicineNet. A small piece of string or dental floss can be tied around the base of the skin tag, and after several days, ... More »

To remove skin tags, a patient will need to visit his or her dermatologist so the skin tag can be removed via scissors, burning or freezing reports Kid's Health. The pain is usually minimal and if the skin tag is too big... More »

Effective home remedies for skin tags include tying them off with a string or thread, freezing them, or cutting them away from the rest of the skin, notes Skin tags are harmless growths, but aesthetic co... More »

The options for treatment and removal of skin growths such as skin tags include freezing them and excising them, according to MedicineNet. Skin tags can also be tied off with a thread and allowed to wither. More »