The "skeleton" is a sport in which the competitor slides headfirst down a track while riding a sled. Since 2002, skeleton has been officially included in the Winter Olympics, although it did appear earlier in the games, ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Skating, ice hockey, curling, skiing, biathlon, luge and bobsleigh are the seven competitive sports in the Winter Olympic Games as of 2014. Skating, skiing and bobsleigh are each divided into several disciplines, and ins... More »

There are seven different sports in the Winter Olympics. These sports include skating, skiing, luge, bobsled, biathlon, curling and ice hockey. The different sports are divided into 15 different disciplines and each disc... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Olympics

The sport of ice hockey originated in Windsor, Nova Scotia, along Canada's east coast. It originated sometime around 1800, with the boys of King's College School transferring the field game of hurley onto the ice, where ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Skijoring is a centuries-old winter sport in which a dog or dogs pull a cross country skier on a rope. Typical gear includes a belt or harness for the human, a harness for the dog, tow line, quick-release hitches and cro... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Choosing who the best players to come from the University of Maryland is a matter of opinion and depends on the sport. A listing of the best basketball players who wore the uniform of the Terrapins includes Juan Dixon, L... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

There are ten ends in competitive play and eight ends in standard play in the sport of curling. An end can also be described as a round, in which each team takes turns sliding a stone towards a target. This target is kno... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle