The "skeleton" is a sport in which the competitor slides headfirst down a track while riding a sled. Since 2002, skeleton has been officially included in the Winter Olympics, although it did appear earlier in the games, ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Skating, ice hockey, curling, skiing, biathlon, luge and bobsleigh are the seven competitive sports in the Winter Olympic Games as of 2014. Skating, skiing and bobsleigh are each divided into several disciplines, and ins... More »

There are seven different sports in the Winter Olympics. These sports include skating, skiing, luge, bobsled, biathlon, curling and ice hockey. The different sports are divided into 15 different disciplines and each disc... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Olympics

Many people do not consider dance a sport because of they do not believe that it is as physically demanding as other conventional sports. However, dance does meet the physical criteria for sports. More »

The fastest sport is air racing, where planes soar in a loop from 200 to 500 miles per hour only 80 feet from the ground. This tops speeds reached by NASCAR drivers are about 220 mph. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

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