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"Three Skeleton Key" is about three men who work at a lighthouse on an island named Three Skeleton Key. It focuses on one incident where a ship full of rats crashes on the island, and the men must fight to stay alive.


To open a skeleton key lock without a key, use a tension wrench and short hook to manipulate the lock's pins into the proper position. This procedure takes under 10 minutes.


The skeleton key symbolizes the uncovering or unlocking of secrets and mysteries. Coming from a time when keys of this sort could open just about anything from treasure chests to old attic doors, skeleton keys go hand in hand with intrigue and adventure.


The key features of a penguin's skeleton are its flattened bones and a joint that holds the elbow and wrist together, according to Penguins World. Penguins' forelimbs have developed into flippers that are shaped like small paddles. These are used to allow penguins to swim fast without getting tired.


A primary key is a unique identifier for a discrete object on a table, and a secondary key provides a second reference point for objects whose primary keys do not adequately distinguish them for reference purposes. The two are vital to the functions of databases, list tables and other archival tools


The skeleton is necessary to provide the body with shape, structure and support. It also serves to protect the internal structures of the body. Several components make up the skeleton, including the connective tissues, bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments.


The skeletal system performs numerous vital functions, including body support, movement, protection, calcium storage, blood cell production and endocrine regulation. These functions are essential to every other function of the human body, contradicting the common myth that the skeleton is only struc


Some fun names for skeletons include Bonehead, Jack Skellington, Napoleon Bone-apart and Sherlock Bones. Jack Skellington comes from the 1993 movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas," while the other three names come from simple skeleton jokes.


To make a paper skeleton, tape cardboard tubes together, inflate a balloon, mix a pot of paper mache, and cover the tubes and balloon with it. You need cardboard tubes, tape, scissors, paper, a spoon, a pin, a stove, a pot, flour, water and a balloon.


Humans have skeletons to protect their internal organs, support the body and make coordinated movements. Some skeletal components also produce blood cells and store minerals.