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"Three Skeleton Key" is about three men who work at a lighthouse on an island named Three Skeleton Key. It focuses on one incident where a ship full of rats crashes on the island, and the men must fight to stay alive.


To open a skeleton key lock without a key, use a tension wrench and short hook to manipulate the lock's pins into the proper position. This procedure takes under 10 minutes.


The skeleton key symbolizes the uncovering or unlocking of secrets and mysteries. Coming from a time when keys of this sort could open just about anything from treasure chests to old attic doors, skeleton keys go hand in hand with intrigue and adventure.


The key features of a penguin's skeleton are its flattened bones and a joint that holds the elbow and wrist together, according to Penguins World. Penguins' forelimbs have developed into flippers that are shaped like small paddles. These are used to allow penguins to swim fast without getting tired.


Ten-key is a data entry method using a numeric keypad containing the numerals zero through nine. It aims to reduce the physical stress of data entry using a traditional keyboard, and is more efficient.


Function keys serve as shortcuts that cause the operating system or application programs to perform quick tasks in order to save the user time. The keys may have default actions accessible on power-on or may work in combination with the Shift, Alt or Ctrl keys when interacting with an application pr


A network key is an encrypted series of characters that enhances security in a wireless network. A network key is essential to prevent anyone from having unauthorized access to a network.


A 10-key machine is a type of calculator. Specifically, a 10-key is an adding machine used to add numbers together, often used by bookkeepers or accountants.


Key strengths include being an effective communicator and a solid problem solver, and possessing a strong work ethic. Being a good decision maker, having organizational ability and being flexible are other key strengths for a professional environment.


A key may have different meanings depending on culture and time period, but some of the most popular meanings include privileged access, answer to a puzzle and authority. The key has been widely used as a symbol for many centuries among many cultures.