articles provides an excellent guide to mattress and sheet sizes in its home section. Similar information is also available at retailer websites, such as Lands' End and Bedding Experts. More » Home & Garden

To determine the sheet size of a bed, measure the length, width and depth of the mattress, and compare it to a standardized size chart. Once you have the dimensions of the mattress, you know what type of sheets to buy or... More » Home & Garden

The most common bed sheet sizes are made to fit twin beds and queen beds. Fitted twin sheets measure 39 by 75 inches, and twin flat sheets measure 66 by 96 inches. Fitted queen sheets measure 60 by 80 inches, and queen f... More » Home & Garden
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The Domestication bedding catalog features products such as bedspreads, comforters, sheets, handcrafted quilts, mattress pads, pillows, teen bedding, throw blankets, oversized bedding and bedding accessories. The Domesti... More » Home & Garden

Queen size sheets are larger than those for a double bed mattress, so they can fully cover the mattress. However, their larger size may result in a loose fit. More » Home & Garden

A pillowcase size chart indicates the size of pillowcases that fit the different sizes of pillows. Pillowcases are usually created with sizes of standard, queen and king, with king being the largest. More » Home & Garden

Restaurant suppliers sell cloth napkins in a variety of colors, sizes and materials in larger quantities than traditional home stores. For example, WebstaurantStore can be found online and sells cloth napkins in packs of... More » Home & Garden