To do sit-ups, lie on your back, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground. Cross your arms over your chest, and tighten your abdominal muscles to lift your upper body off the floor until your elbows touch y... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

Sit-ups are the basic exercise that is used to strengthen the abdominal muscles. They involve laying flat and raising one's torso from the ground. Compared to abdominal crunches, sit-ups exercise many other core muscles. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

Sit-up benches rest at an incline to make sit-ups more challenging and effective. Sit-ups done on an incline bench work the rectus abdominis, obliques and hip flexors. Performing sit-ups using a sit-up bench is an effect... More »

The number of sit-ups that a 12-year old should do each day is indefinite. According to, the average 12-year old boy and girl can perform 39 and 36 sit-ups, respectively, in 60 seconds. More »

According to Diet Health Club, the average person can burn 100 calories in about 1,000 regular sit-ups. That number can be increased by doing high-intensity sit-ups: However, Diet Health Club states that it is impossible... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

It takes roughly eight hours of consecutive sit-ups to lose one pound. More specifically, a person can expend approximately 3,500 calories by doing sit-ups for eight straight hours. More »

The number of sit-ups required to lose 30 pounds in one month depends on personal weight and the duration and intensity of the exercise. A 150-pound individual burns approximately 10 calories vigorously doing sit-ups for... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise