Meri Brown divorced Kody Brown at the end of the fifth season of "Sister Wives." The divorce episode was aired as the finale of the fifth season, followed by a tell-all special with a discussion about the decision to div... More » Art & Literature

In 2012, Christine of "Sister Wives" expressed dissatisfaction with her marriage to Kody Brown and relationship with his other wives, stating that she felt like a failure and that she didn't receive enough support raisin... More » Art & Literature

Season six of “Sister Wives” continues to follow the trials, tribulations and good times of the polygamist Brown family. The sixth season kicks off with the divorce of Kody and Meri, which begins the process of Kody look... More » Art & Literature
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Meri Brown is known for her involvement with the popular television show "Sister Wives." Meri is the first and only legal wife of the star of the show, Kody Brown. More » Art & Literature

Kody Brown, the husband in the polygamist family featured on the reality television series Sister Wives, officially divorced his first wife Meri in September 2014. He subsequently married Robyn, his fourth and youngest w... More » Art & Literature

Kody Brown, star of TLC’s “Sister Wives,” divorced his first wife, Meri, to legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn, and formally adopt her three children from a previous marriage, says the International Business Times. In ... More » Art & Literature

Janelle Brown of the TLC reality series "Sister Wives" is the second wife of polygamist Kody Brown. Janelle was born on May 6, 1969, and she married Kody on Jan. 20, 1993. As of 2015, Kody and Janelle share six children:... More » Art & Literature