Yes, the definition of sister-in-law does include the wife of a spouse's brother. A sister-in-law could also be the wife of one's brother or the sister of one's spouse. Except in unusual cases, one's sister-in-law is not... More » Family Genealogy

Hera, the goddess of marriage and childbirth, is the wife of Zeus. She is referred to as the queen of the gods and is also Zeus’ sister, being born of both the Titans Rhea and Cronus. Hera's other siblings include Demete... More » Art & Literature Folklore Mythology

The Bible does not give the name of Noah's wife, but in Jewish tradition, her name is Naamah. In Greek tradition, her name is Doris. More » World View Religion The Bible
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A sister or sister-in-law of a grandmother or grandfather is commonly called a "great aunt" or, less frequently, a "grand aunt." Amy Johnson Crow of argues that "grand aunt" is technically the more correct t... More » Family Genealogy

A niece is the female child of a person's brother or sister. A niece can also be the female child of the brother or sister of a person's spouse. More » Family Genealogy

Members of Jonas Salk's family tree include his wife, Francoise Gilot, his brother, Lee Salk and his son, Darrell Salk. Jonas Salk, the inventor of the polio vaccine, experimented on his wife and sons, as well as himself... More » Family Genealogy

A person's brother-in-law's sister is potentially that person's wife, sister-in-law or no relation whatsoever. What one calls his brother-in-law's sister depends on how that brother-in-law is related and which sister it ... More » Family