A sister city has a long-term relationship and partnership with another city. These relationships usually form with the purpose of cultural exchange. Sister cities are officially approved by the legislature of each city,... More »

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"The City of Ember" is a book about an underground city, Ember, that was created by "the Builders" to withstand an impending apocalypse. Ember was meant to provide enough supplies to survive for 200 years, and the story ... More »

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Madame Defarge is the antagonist in the story of "A Tale of Two Cities" who detests the French aristocracy. Her hatred is focused particularly on the Evremonde family, and she seeks revenge for the rape and murder of her... More »

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As of 2014, Barrow, Alaska is the U.S. city that is expected to have the coldest temperature. The average annual temperature of Barrow is 11 degrees Fahrenheit. The city experiences about 160 days of below zero temperatu... More »

The U.S. Postal Service has a ZIP code search functionality on its website that displays every city within the searched ZIP code. A site visitor can also find a ZIP code for a specific address. More »

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The best place for information about Sulphur, Oklahoma, is the city’s website. Additional information is available on the Arbuckle Historical Society of Murray County website or the website for the Sulphur Springs Inn. T... More »

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According to English-for-Students.com, New Orleans' nickname "The Big Easy" refers to its laid-back attitude and the easy-going nature of the jazz musicians and other residents of the city. The name came into common use ... More »