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Sinkholes are most common in regions where the rock below the land's surface is soluble. They are particularly common in Central Florida because the area sits on large amounts of limestone. Other states where sinkholes are common include Alabama, Kentucky, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee and Pennsylvania


Sinkholes are depressions or holes that form on the Earth's surface when the ground below erodes away. Sinkholes often indicate the presence of tunnels or caverns below the ground.


Sinkholes form when rock erodes and dissolves due to contact with groundwater and run-off. Sinkholes are most common in areas containing high amounts of soft rock, such as limestone.


Sinkhole insurance is a form of coverage that is usually required for mortgage in areas that are prone to sinkholes. The state of Florida is a good example of where sinkholes are common, making sinkhole insurance necessary for homeowners. Florida Statute 627.706 requires every insurance company to s


Sinkholes occur when an underground void collapses, bringing the layers of earth and rock above it down with the collapse. The surface above the sinkhole suddenly drops, plunging anything in the area into a deep hole in the ground. Depending on the nature of the sinkhole, the bottom may be filled wi


Repair small sinkholes in the yard by inspecting the hole, carefully removing any debris inside, shoveling the outer edges of the hole to make it larger, and filling it with soil. Pack the soil down firmly into the hole, water the hole to encourage settling, and add more soil as needed.


A sinkhole is the result of the surface layer of the ground collapsing, causing a depression to form beneath. Sinkholes can range in size from tiny to massive, anywhere between only a few feet in diameter to miles across. Sinkholes are found all over the earth, and while some take years to develop,


The U.S. Geological Survey provides a map showing areas that are potentially susceptible to natural sinkhole formation. Florida, the state with the most naturally occurring sinkholes, also provides a dedicated sinkhole Web page showing a sinkhole map and discussing the locations of former sinkholes


The Qattara Depression in Egypt is the largest sinkhole in the world, at approximately 80 kilometers long and 120 kilometers wide. It is a desert sinkhole, and it was created naturally over millennia by the strong winds that blow across the salt beds at the base of the hole.


Homeowners can speak to their home insurers about adding sinkhole coverage to their policies. In Florida and Tennessee, insurers are required to offer sinkhole insurance with a new home policy.