According to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Kansas State University, a single line diagram is a simplified way of diagramming a three-phase power system. It is also called a one-line diagram. More »

First, learn what the symbols on the wiring diagram mean. Straight lines on a wiring diagram typically represent the wires; these are marked with color indicators, if applicable. Identify the symbols for coils and the fa... More » Home & Garden Appliances Refrigerators & Freezers

Typical manual transmission shift pattern diagrams use a so-called "H-pattern" layout, where each gear is at the end of one or more channels in the shifter that form a series of interconnected figures shaped like the let... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Transmission

A single-phase power supply provides alternating current electrical power in a system in which all voltages vary in the same pattern. This sort of distribution is most common when the power load is primarily used for lig... More »

Single-phase power propagates as a single waveform, with intermittent peaks in power occurring at regular intervals, while three-phase power propagates as three distinct waveforms, with intermittent peaks in power occurr... More » Science Physics Electricity

Solar power is stored in deep-cycle batteries or battery banks, in a grid-tied system or in the power grid itself. Batteries can be utilized for both on- and off-grid systems. More »

Electrical isolators work by separating part of the electrical power from a system for safety during maintenance works. This is usually done by an off-load condition. More »