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The English preposition "to" is usually translated to Spanish as "a," while the English preposition "from" is usually translated to Spanish as "de." Other translations are available depending on the context.


People who self-identify as Spanish, Hispanic or Latino can be of any race, but people of Spanish origin typically are classified as white in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The white racial category includes people with ancestry from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.


One good Spanish news website is El Pais, online home of the Spanish daily newspaper. El Pais is the highest-circulated newspaper is Spain, and it is considered one of the country's newspapers of record. The paper's website offers both Spanish and English editions.


AllRecipes.com offers a recipe called Easy Paella, and the Food Network offers a Rachael Ray recipe called Perfect Paella. The prep time for Easy Paella is 30 minutes, and the prep time for Perfect Paella is only 15 minutes.


In Spanish, the months of the year are: enero, febrero, marzo, abril, mayo, junio, julio, agosto, septiembre, octubre, noviembre and diciembre. In Spanish, the names of the month are not capitalized. The months in Spanish are very similar to those in English due to the linguistic similarities betwee


The two most common, and fundamental, verbs in Spanish are "ser" and "estar" - each of which corresponds in a different sense to the English infinitive "to be". Other common and useful verbs in Spanish include tener (to have), ir (to go), dar (to give) and hacer (to do).


"Asturias, Patria Querida," "Historia De Un Amor," "Besame Mucho" and "Romance Anonimo" are some traditional Spanish songs. Flamenco music and classical guitar are frequently referred to as the most famous styles of music derived from Spain.


Spanish fly is the common name for a type of beetle in the Melodiae family, also known as the blister beetle. Spanish fly is best known for its reputed aphrodisiac and medicinal properties; however, the active ingredient in Spanish fly, cantharidin, causes poisoning.


Wikipedia is available in Spanish at es.wikipedia.org. The website launched in May 2001, two months after Jimmy Wales announced that Wikipedia would become available in languages other than English.


Rosetta Stone, Rocket Languages, Tell Me More, Living Language Platinum and Duolingo are Spanish language-learning software applications. Each software package offers different features and tools for learners of different levels. Each package also offers a different price point.