Jessica Probus of Buzzfeed has a list of simple nail art ideas that use household tools such as bobby pins, plastic bags, sponges, sharpies and straws. You can also create geometric designs by attaching differently shape... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care

Nail art takes a simple manicure and adds various polish colors, beads, flowers, decals, even real gems in some cases, all to make a fashion statement. The finished product can be a simple manicure with contrasting polka... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care Nail Polish

Websites associated with fashion magazines, such as Glamour, are places to find nail art galleries. Sites dedicated to beauty and nails, such as Nails Mag and, are other likely sources. More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care

Many photo galleries and tutorials for unusual and awe-inspiring nail art designs are available online through Pinterest, and the Blog of Francesco Mugnai. Some designs include three-dimensional e... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care

Some possible nail art ideas for short nails include adding sparkles and using an ombre color pattern, drawing flowers on one or more nails, adding gems, doing a checkerboard pattern with two colors and painting the nail... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care

The best colors for nail designs depend on skin tone, wardrobe, current season, special events or just choosing colors that complement one another. For designs that are more striking, consider contrasting colors such as ... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care

Some popular nail designs used in nail salons include polka dots, glitter, swirls and ombre paint, notes CoverGirl. Nail artists can freehand the design or place tape on the nail to create the designs. More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care