A Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees, or SIMPLE, Individual Retirement Account is a tax-deferred retirement plan that small employers can set up for the benefit of their employees. These accounts are easier to ad... More »

Employees can contribute to a SIMPLE IRA by reducing their salaries and transferring the money into the IRA. After an employee contribution is made, the employer has to make either a non-elective contribution or a contri... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

In 2015, an individual may defer up to $12,500 of his or her salary to a SIMPLE IRA, according to An employee over the age of 50, however, may make a "catch-up contribution" of an additional $3,000, bringing his... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning
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In the term SIMPLE IRA, SIMPLE is an acronym for Savings Investment Match Plan For Employees and is used to describe a type of retirement plan designed for businesses with 100 or fewer employees, notes Investopedia. The ... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

Employees who leave federal service can withdraw money from their Thrift Savings Plan or roll over the funds to an IRA or an employee-sponsored retirement plan once the new account is active. Employees may have to pay ta... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

Retirement plan sponsors are companies or employers who set up a retirement plan for employees, according to Investopedia. Retirement sponsors determine an employee's contribution payment and where to invest the money. T... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

A 401(k), a retirement plan offered by or through an employer, is not the same as an IRA that an investor sets up himself through a bank or mutual-fund adviser. Both reduce an investor’s taxable income, but it’s possible... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning