To perform a simple flow calculation, multiply the flow area by the flow velocity to determine the flow rate. Ensure that the units of length are consistent when performing calculations. If, for example, the flow area is... More »

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To calculate the flow rate in a cylindrical pipe, the basic formula, which is flow rate is equivalent to pipe cross-sectional area multiplied by velocity, can be used. Here the area is calculated as pi times pipe diamete... More »

To calculate the water flow rate through a given pipe size, multiply the area of the inner cross-section of the pipe by the velocity of the water. The velocity of the water is required for this calculation. More »

Pounds per hour (lb/hr) is a mass flow rate, whereas standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH) is a volumetric flow rate measured at a specific temperature and pressure. Therefore, the density of the fluid being measured as we... More »

To measure volumetric flow rate, use a flow meter. Cubic feet is a unit of volume, and minute is a unit of time. The rate of volume flow is referred to as volumetric flow rate. More » Science Measurements