While the price of silver at any given time impacts its value as an investment, silver in general has some pros relative to other investments, reports MoneyWeek. Silver is especially volatile, which means it has the pote... More » Business & Finance Investing

According to Bankrate, there are two ways in which an investor can purchase silver stock. The stock can be purchased either by buying into an exchange traded fund (ETF) or by purchasing stock in a silver mine. Neither me... More » Business & Finance Investing

Both physical silver and shares in silver funds have positives as investments, although they are not as safe as government-backed savings vehicles, according to Investopedia. Certain factors erode the value of physical s... More » Business & Finance Investing
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The value of individual bond investments declines when the price drops as interest rates rise. However, bond fund managers sell low-value bonds and buy new ones with higher yields, offsetting the drop in value, reports K... More » Business & Finance Investing

The StockScouter system rated stocks based on characteristics that indicate likely value as an investment and forecast future value growth, as Helpmax reports. StockScouter was removed from the MSN money portal online in... More » Business & Finance Investing

A historical chart of an index price plots the value of an index over time and charts the related data, notes Bloomberg Business. Stock indexes that have available charts include the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average... More » Business & Finance Investing

An appropriate rate of return on an investment is dependent on an individual's risk tolerance, with investments with more variable performance generally expected to provide higher rates of return, according to Investoped... More » Business & Finance Investing