Care for silk clothing correctly to maintain the life of your garment. To launder silk, use cold water, a mild detergent, hair conditioner, a clean towel, a sink and your hands. More »

The characteristics of silk are that it's strong but has a soft and luxuriant hand, or feel. It is so elastic that if it's stretched a great deal, it can still return to its original shape. It is lightweight and can be w... More »

The main disadvantages of silk fabric are that it's delicate, difficult to clean and raises ecological concerns. Silk tears, discolors and stains easily, often requires dry cleaning and is an animal product shunned by mo... More »

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To reduce the chances of clothes shrinking in the dryer, wash and dry the clothing according to the laundry care label inside the garment. Reduce heat and drying time to keep all clothing items in good condition and prev... More »

Launder Thermasilk underwear according to the directions on its label or as is appropriate for any silk garment. The process starts by hand washing it in cold water with a mild soap. After you rinse it well, blot it and ... More »

It is typically okay to wash a silk garment by hand, according to Martha Stewart Living. However, the clothing item should be 100 percent silk. Clothing made of synthetic blends that include silk should be cleaned by a d... More »

Remove pine tar from clothing by pretreating the area with a stain removing, rubbing detergent into the cloth, scrubbing the spot, rinsing the area and washing the garment in hot water. This takes a few minutes plus a wa... More »