Some signs that a man is cheating include the man paying extra attention to his partner or buying the partner more gifts than he usually buys his partner. Alternatively, if a man suddenly becomes negative about the relat... More » Health

Some signs of a cheating boyfriend include when the boyfriend takes his phone with him everywhere, including to the bathroom, and when the man resists or refuses to introduce the girlfriend to his male friends, despite h... More » Health

While these behaviors can vary drastically from person to person, some indicators that a partner might be cheating could be if the person starts acting outside of their character, if they start guarding their cellphone o... More » Health
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Signs that a man is romantically interested in someone include the man making eye contact with the person and looking at the person when he thinks that she or he is not paying enough attention to notice. It is especially... More » Health

Some signs that might indicate a man is in love with someone are that he compliments the person's character, celebrates that person's accomplishments and pays attention to details of the other person. Additionally, he ma... More » Health

You are likely ready to consider getting engaged if you have been with your partner at least six months, feel a strong sense of mutual trust and respect and feel comfortable being completely honest with one another. Addi... More » Health

According to Sciences 360, women lie about being pregnant for multiple reasons: emotional manipulation over their partner, the need for attention and financial support. In some rare cases, women who are not pregnant beco... More » Health Women's Health Pregnancy