A controlling personality manifests itself in constant criticism, snooping, excessive jealousy and ridicule, explains Psychology Today. The person being controlled feels increasingly confused, emotionally exhausted, guil... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

Some general signs of a personality disorder include problems maintaining healthy relationships, blaming other people for problems and feelings of loneliness, according to Healthline. Some symptoms are specific to person... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Mental Health

People with controlling personalities feel a compulsive need to be in charge of their environment and dictate other people's behavior. They are unable to admit mistakes, assume authority without being asked, always insis... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology
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Imposing isolation, criticism, threats, guilt and spying are common methods of control that people in marriages may employ to assert dominance over their spouse, according to Psychology Today. An evident lack of respect,... More » Health

Excessive jealousy and possessiveness, controlling what the wife does and where she goes, isolation from family and friends, and control of finances, transportation and communication are signs of a controlling husband. C... More » Health

Isolating a significant other from her friends or family, emotional blackmail and jealousy are some common signs of a controlling relationship, notes PsychCentral. A person may chip away at his partner’s self-esteem in o... More » Health

The signs of passive aggressive behavior include procrastinating, using the silent treatment, brooding and feigning lack of knowledge, according to Psychology Today. These signs sometimes point to an individual who tries... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology