The signs and symptoms of a cracked or fractured rib include pain when breathing, mild-to-severe pain near the rib cage, headaches and fatigue, according to WebMD. Individuals who feel short of breath due to a cracked ri... More »

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Conditions such as costochondritis, ruptured spleen and rib fractures may cause left side rib pain, according to Healthline. Other possible causes include osteoporosis and pleurisy. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Signs of an injured rib include pain in the injured area, pain when breathing and pain when pushing on the breastbone, according to WebMD. Since a person usually cannot breathe normally, other symptoms may include shortn... More »

Symptoms of a fractured rib are mild or severe pain on the injured area, pain when breathing deeply, and pain when someone touches the breastbone, according to WebMD. Patients may also have shortness of breath due to bre... More »

Cracked ribs are treated with extra rest, ice on the affected area and pain medications, according to WebMD. Some patients are comfortable with over-the-counter pain medications, while others need prescription pain medic... More »

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