Symptoms of colitis include diarrhea that may contain blood, pus or mucous; fever; abdominal pain and cramping; rectal pain and bleeding; the urgent need to defecate and the inability to do so; weight loss and fatigue, a... More »

The symptoms of microscopic colitis include nausea, bowel incontinence, abdominal cramps and persistent, watery diarrhea, says Mayo Clinic. Although the symptoms may disappear on their own, medications such as steroids m... More »

Diarrhea, passing blood with or without stool, abdominal pain and cramping, and feeling an urgent need to move the bowels are common symptoms of ischemic colitis, according to Mayo Clinic. Pain located on the right side ... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

According to Mayo Clinic, symptoms of an inflamed bowel include fever, abdominal pain, bloody stools, fatigue, diarrhea, weight loss and decreased appetite. Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are the most prevalent c... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Gastrointestinal Issues

Crohn's disease is thought to be caused by immune system or heredity triggers, which manifest with symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, weight loss and blood in the stool, explains the Mayo Clinic. Though no... More »

An individual may have ulcerative colitis if he has symptoms such as ongoing diarrhea that can't be controlled with over-the-counter medication, abdominal pain, blood in the stool or unexplained fever, according to Mayo ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Gastrointestinal Issues

The symptoms of colitis include abdominal cramps, bloody diarrhea or diarrhea with pus, rectal pain and bleeding, says Mayo Clinic. Treatment for colitis is usually medication or surgery. More » Health Conditions & Diseases