Side effects are unwanted results of using certain medication, as defined by NHS Choices. All medicines have side effects, which are also termed as adverse reactions. It is crucial for patients to take all medicine exact... More » Health Medications & Vitamins Side Effects

The effects of shilajit include its improvement of cognition. It is possibly useful in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, claims the National Institutes of Health. Side effects of shilajit include poisoning by heavy ... More » Health Medications & Vitamins Side Effects

Symptoms of food poisoning include nausea, vomiting, fever, runny diarrhea, abdominal cramping and pain, according to Mayo Clinic. The illness is especially risky for elderly people, pregnant women, children, and individ... More »

Side effects of forskohlii vary depeding upon the delivery of the medication. Taken intravenously, forskohlii may cause flushing and low blood pressure. When inhaled, forskohlii may cause restlessness, throat irritation,... More » Health Medications & Vitamins Side Effects

Common side effects associated with antibiotics include diarrhea, indigestion and bloating, loss of appetite and feeling sick, according to NHS Choices. Tetracyclines increase skin sensitivity to both natural and artific... More »

Side effects of CoQ10 include dizziness, fainting, diarrhea and trembling. Other side effects include fungal skin infection, back pain, sore throat and stomach pain. Some people may experience sinus inflammation, runny n... More » Health Medications & Vitamins Side Effects

Side effects of SAMe include vomiting, gas, constipation, diarrhea and dry mouth, explains WebMD. Other side effects include insomnia, headache, dizziness, sweating and nervousness. These side effects may become worse wh... More » Health Medications & Vitamins Side Effects