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Sicilian Last Names. Facebook. Google+. Email. ... The last note regarding surnames are those evolved from orphans or waifs (Di Dio, Trovato, D'Ignoto and D'Ignoti, Incognito) and matrimonial ties (relating to female ancestors, mainly popular at Enna) such as Emma, Alessandra e Greca.


Sicilian Surnames - History and Onomatology by Luigi Mendola: Magazine Index Best of Sicily Arts & Culture Fashion Food & Wine History & Society ... ("Grotta d'Auria," Aurea Cavern near Enna), Mazzara, Pachino. Certain names represent regions beyond Sicilian shores, so Catalano, Toscano, Provenzano, Genovese, Calabrese and Calabrò, Pisano ...


Surnames in Sicily, Italy. The list of different surnames is mostly based on the white pages for the 1990's. Surnames in the Provinces of Sicilia. ... Others derive from medieval names, mostly augural, such as Bellomo, Bonaccorso, Bonanno, Bonfiglio, Bongiorno, Bonsignore.


MESSANA Italian From the name of the Sicilian city Messina. The city was named for the original Greek settlers' homeland Messene. MICHELI Italian From the given name MICHELE (1). ... From the name of the Italian city of Reggio Calabria, from Latin Rhegium, of Greek origin. RIGHI Italian From the given name ARRIGO.


Lists of Sicilian and Italian Given Names Knowing your relative’s name in his/her original language is very important. Before you start searching old records, take the time to determine the right name, including its correct spelling.


Sicilian Surnames. Home » Names. These names are a subset of Italian names used more often by speakers of Sicilian. ... ignore name meanings: keywords from the name meanings are ignored. Origin ... From Sicilian spanu meaning "sparse, ...


List of Sicilian Americans. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Lists of Americans ... Her father's original Italian name was Mercante but was Americanized into Merchant. Her mother's side is Irish. Sal ... director, producer. His films, Kiss Me Guido, Very Mean Men and One Last Ride have included many characters of Sicilian descent. Vitale is ...


List of people from Sicily. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Sicily is the largest region in Italy in terms of area, with a population of over five million and has contributed many famous names to all walks of life. Geographically, it is the largest and most populated island in the ...


What are the most common Sicilian surnames? so what are the most common last names they have?? and is the surname Vento sicilian? very common?? ... area. Vento is very common in the South of Italy , especialy in Naples and Sicily. A large number of people with the last name Vento , in Sicily came from the town of Messina. which is ...


The way your Italian surname is spelled can tell you a lot about where your family is from. For example, surnames ending in -o come from southern Italy, but names ending in -a or -i generally come from the north. In fact, many Italian last names originated from nick names.