Shrimp are among the most numerous animals that live in the ocean. Their habitats range all over the world, as they are one of the most versatile species on the planet, able to live in just about any water as long as the... More »

Seahorses have gills and swim bladders, but don't have vertical fins or typical fish tails. A seahorse's tail is long and resembles a snake. The Latin term for a seahorse is "hippocampus," which translates to "horse cate... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life

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Shrimp have five pairs of jointed legs on the thorax used for walking and five pairs of swimming legs. A shrimp also has three pairs of feeding appendages. More »

Shrimp live underwater in rivers, lakes and all major oceans depending on their species and where they breed, hunt and live from day to day. Shrimp are small crustaceans and are a prime food source for many large animals... More »

Shrimp swim by pulling their abdomen in toward their body quickly, states the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The movement allows them to propel their body through the water, but because of their body'... More »

Shrimp are eaten by both Atlantic and Pacific cod, American herring, basking and whale sharks. They are also eaten by croakers, thornbacks, southern stingrays, southern flounders and Greenland halibut. Shrimp are eaten b... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life