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Try turning the shower head by hand counter-clockwise to remove it. If you can remove it by hand, proceed to Step 2. If not, keep reading for instructions on how to remove a shower head. Wrap the jaws of slip-joint pliers with electrical tape or place a towel around the shower arm to protect the finish, and then grip the shower arm with the pliers.


Replacing a bathroom showerhead is usually as easy as unscrewing the old showerhead and screwing on the new one. This video shows you the tools and techniques you'll need to replace a showerhead ...


Install your shower head. Screw on your showerhead by hand until it’s snug. Wrap the shower arm and head in rags and use your adjustable wrench to tighten the shower head further. Many ceiling shower heads are wider than wall models. Use the nut above the head to tighten the entire unit.


An easy way to install a Do-it-yourself Basement Bathroom. 0:00 How to rough-in a Moen Shower-head and Faucet Kit. 2:35 How to cut copper pipe. 5:37 How to solder copper pipes and fittings.


How to Replace a Shower Head. Replacing a shower head is a simple task that people can do to improve the aesthetics of their bathroom, or merely solve their leaky shower head problem. By using a few tools and following a few simple steps,...


Super Easy Install! "This shower head could not be easier to install. No Teflon tape required. Only needed pliers. The chrome finish is beautiful as it matches the other fixtures and shower door trim. Water flow on the various settings is adequate and feels luxurious on the skin. But the narrow, hard stream is very strong.


SparkPod Shower Head - High Pressure Rain - Luxury Modern Chrome Look - Easy Tool Free Installation - The Perfect Adjustable Replacement For Your Bathroom Shower Heads - - Amazon.com


Changing a showerhead is an easy DIY project that almost anyone can complete. A new fixture can reduce the amount of water you use, ultimately saving you money on your water bill.


How To: Install a Shower Head A small project that makes a big impact, installing a new shower head is a quick and easy job that almost anyone can do—no fancy plumbing tools required.