Shower door parts that typically need replacing include rollers, bumpers and catches. These may be replaced if damaged or to increase the door’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. More »

Essential parts of a sliding shower door include tempered glass, tracks and door handles. Door guides, sweeps, seals and door rollers are other essential shower door parts, according to Tools required ... More »

Purchase pivot shower door parts at,, and All About Doors sells parts and hardware for home and RV use. It also has articles on home and house tips, as well as instructio... More »

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Replace rollers on a sliding door in a few hours using a screwdriver, wooden block, rubber mallet, flat-head screwdriver and a paraffin wax block. To replace the rollers, locate two screws on each side at the bottom of a... More »

To remove a sliding glass door, pull the rollers into the door by turning the adjustment screws counter-clockwise, tilt the top of the sliding door, and lift it from the door track. Undo the screws that hold the fixed gl... More »

To install a barn door, attach the rollers to the top and bottom edges of the door and affix the top and bottom trolley tracks over the barn door's opening and along the barn's floor, respectively. Finally, slide the doo... More »

The best way to replace rollers on a sliding glass door is to remove the stationary glass door unit from its structural frame, unscrew the pertinent mechanisms, remove the old rollers, replace with new rollers and re-scr... More »