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A bone spur in the shoulder is extra bone growth on the normal bone of the shoulder. When a bone spur grows in the shoulder, it rubs on muscles, tendons or the rotator cuff, which can cause pain and immobility in that region, according to Mayo Clinic.


Bone spurs, or osteophytes, are bony growths that grow on bones that are trying to repair themselves. Because the shoulder is a complex joint with many moving parts and a wide range of motion, the bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments frequently rub against each other, ...


Shoulder bone spurs are painful, according to WebMD. They may also cause irritation, weakness, inflammation, stiffness and even tearing of a tendon when they pinch the rotator cuff tendons.


The most common cause for bone spurs is osteoarthritis, or arthritis from wear and tear in the joint. As this condition breaks down the cartilage serving as a cushion at the ends of the bones, the body responds by building bone spurs near the affected area, notes Mayo C...


Bone spurs in the shoulder may cause discomfort upon movement of the arms and shoulders due to the growths pinching the nearby tissues, as explained by CaringMedical.com. If left untreated, bone spurs in the shoulder can both grow in size and lead to significant pain.


Doctors use arthroscopic surgery to remove bone spurs from the shoulder, according to MedlinePlus. During the procedure, the surgeon inserts a small camera into the shoulder joint to examine and repair the tissue. The surgeon inserts the camera through a small incision ...


A bone spur is a piece of bone that grows out from another bone, such as the heel bone or the vertebrae. Some bone spurs are asymptomatic and don't have to be treated. Other bone spurs, such as those that develop in Haglund's syndrome, are quite painful.