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"The Escape of Cindy Prince," a Cinderella story. By Jessie Burton. Feb 26, 2015. Red, Performing arts, Pink, Dancer, Magenta, Carmine, Performance, Fashion.


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The story takes place a long time ago in a land ruled by a king and a queen.


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Cinderella, the beautiful and kind-hearted daughter, sees her world turn upside down when her beloved mother dies, and her pained father remarries another ...


Many years ago, I read a short story which was basically a letter being written by a woman whom the reader soon realizes is Cinderella's "Wicked Stepmother.


10 Fascinating Fairy Tales For Children. Here are some short fairy tale stories to share with your children: 1. Cinderella.


A beautiful Cinderella inspired Large Wall Art. DISNEY x SHORT STORY is a unique and quirky range of Disney inspired Jewellery, Fragrance and Giftware.


THE ELEMENTS OF A SHORT STORY. Modeled Through the Fairy Tale “Cinderella”. 1-) Setting. Example from “Cinderella”: 2-) Characters: a-) Protagonist.


Read "CinderellA.I.: A Short Story" by Lyssa Chiavari available from Rakuten Kobo. Madeline knows her role in life—such as it is.