One of the best home remedies to stretch out a pair of shoes is to fill a watertight bag with water, place it snugly inside the shoe and put the shoe and bag into the freezer until the water is solid. Since water expands... More »

A shoe-width chart allows shoppers to measure the width of their feet so they can purchase shoes that fit comfortably. Most shoe retail stores offer foot-sizing and width-measuring equipment for customers. More »

Typical services of a shoe repair shop include replacing soles and heels, shoe stretching, replacement of eyelets and other hardware, waterproofing, and applying heel savers or protective soles. Shoe repair shops also ad... More »

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To make a shoe stretcher, simply fill a gallon-sized freezer food storage bag halfway with water, place the bag inside of the shoe, forcing the water all the way to the toe, place the shoe inside of the freezer for four ... More »

Stretch shoes overnight by filling each shoe with a bag of water and then placing the shoes in the freezer until the water is frozen. The water expands while freezing, stretching the shoes. This process takes four to eig... More »

Stretch leather boots by walking around the house with the boots on, stuffing them when they're not in use, or putting them in the freezer with a bag of water inside. If those methods don't work, take the boots to a prof... More »

Widen or stretch shoes by wearing the shoes around while at home, stuffing the shoes with socks rolled into a ball, freezing the shoes with a bag of water placed inside and using a ready-made shoe stretcher. A profession... More »