The width of an extra-wide shoe, denoted by the letter モE,ヤ depends on the size of the shoe and whether it is a womanメs or manメs shoe. A manメs extra-wide size 8 shoe is 3.9 inches wide, while a womanメs size 8 extra-wide ... More »

In women's shoe width sizing, E is considered to be extra wide with D being wide and B being the standard width. Men's shoe widths have E being wide with C and D width sizes being the standard. These shoe width sizes are... More »

A size 7 women's shoe is 9.25 inches long and a size 7 men's shoe is 9.625 inches long. These measurements correspond with the U.S. shoe sizing system. More »

While sizing may vary depending on the manufacturer, in most cases, a B in a woman's shoe size indicates a normal or regular-width shoe, and a B in a man's shoe is a narrow width. A normal or regular-width woman's shoe m... More »

A foot measurement chart is a sheet (usually paper) that measures the length and width of a person’s feet in inches to help determine shoe size, says Size matters and the information visible on a foot measurem... More »

A woman's size 8 shoe is about the same size as a big kid's size 6 1/2 or 7. The length of the woman's shoe is about 9 11/16 inches, while the kid's size 7 runs approximately 9 13/16 inches. There are slight variations d... More »

In U.S. shoe sizing, a men's size 8 is the same length as a woman's size 9.5. Both shoes are approximately 10 inches in length. Depending on the individual shoe, men's shoes are generally one to one and a half sizes larg... More »