Shining a laminate floor is a simple process that can be completed within a few minutes. To shine your laminate floors, you need a bucket, a mop, water, vinegar and peppermint oil. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Cleaning with a solution containing rubbing alcohol and white vinegar and buffing with a microfiber cloth is the best way to clean a laminate floor and make it shine. It is best to avoid sweeping the floor or using large... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To restore the shine on a laminate floor, sweep the floor to remove dust and debris, and use a microfiber mop dampened with a solution of 1 cup of white vinegar per 1 gallon of water to clean the floor. Dry the floor wit... More » Home & Garden Cleaning
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To make wood floors shine, sweep them daily to prevent grime from scratching the surface, mix a homemade cleaner, mop the floors weekly using the cleaner, and buff the floor to a shine using a towel. You need a broom or ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Good methods for cleaning wood floors include dusting the floor before cleaning, vacuuming the floors with a floor brush and damp mopping, notes Better Homes and Gardens (BHG). Rubbing with steel wool and floor wax and s... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Cleaning a Mossberg 500 barrel is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete. In order to clean your Mossberg 500 barrel, you will need only a bore snake. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To remove wax buildup from floors, vacuum the floors, mix a wax-stripping solution, apply the solution to a section of the floor, let it stand for 15 minutes, then scrub the floor. Use a squeegee to remove the solution. More » Home & Garden Appliances