In order to sharpen a pair of scissors, make sure to hold the scissors at a 25- or 30-degree angle and run the stone from the pointed end of the scissors to where the scissors meet the handle. Certain types of scissors, ... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

Sharpening a knife using an object known as a whetstone is most commonly completed by grinding the knife against the gritty surface of the stone. Hold the knife in a way so that the cutting edge is only making contact wi... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Cookware & Kitchen Tools

To use a sharpening stone to sharpen a knife, stabilize the stone, grasp the knife, slide the knife for 10 strokes on each side of the stone, hone the knife and rinse the knife. This takes only a few minutes and requires... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools
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One of the best ways to sharpen knives is to use a sharpening stone. The stone should be moistened with water periodically. When sharpening the knife, slowly drag it toward you at a slight angle. Repeat until you feel a ... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Tableware

Sharpen scissors by running the blade against the coarse side of a bench stone before using the fine side of the bench stone or sandpaper to complete the process. You need a bench stone and sandpaper. Most scissors can b... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools

When sharpening meat-cutting knives, a flat medium grit stone is recommended to sharpen with. The knife blade is held at a 20-degree angle to the stone's surface, and dragged across the stone with the knife held at a 45-... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Cookware & Kitchen Tools

The proper way to sharpen a knife is to stroke the blade at a 20-degree angle on a damp sharpening stone. Although an electric sharpener is also an option, it takes off more material from the blade, throwing the knife of... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Cookware & Kitchen Tools