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Treatment for pain in the lower stomach depends on the cause and severity of the pain, according to Mayo Clinic. Common causes such as gas are not serious and require minimal treatment, while severe abdominal pain that is unbearable or persistent should be treated with ...


Possible causes of sharp head pains are migraines or tension, cluster and sinus headaches. Some causes of headaches include unexplained nerve activity, colds, infections or fevers, according to WebMD.


Possible causes of eye pain, which can be a sharp or dull sensation, include a foreign object in the eye or a direct injury, according to Healthgrades. Eye diseases and disorders causing inflammation may also result in eye pain. Allergies, trauma or an eye infection are...


Sharp chest pains may indicate pneumonia or lung infections, according to HealthCentral. Sharp chest pains may also indicate that a rib is out of alignment, and blood clots in the lungs could be the root cause.


Common causes of stomach pain include indigestion, constipation or food poisoning. A stomach virus or menstrual cramps are also causes of stomach pain, states WebMD.


Sharp pain in the eye is caused by structures in the eye, inflammation or foreign bodies stuck in the eye, explains WebMD. Some conditions that cause eye pain include glaucoma, multiple sclerosis or shingles.


According to MedicineNet, sharp pain in the right shoulder can be caused by injury or disease of the shoulder joint. Injury of the shoulder can include damage to the ligaments, bone, bursae, cartilage, menisci or tendons.