Though sharks are considered apex predators, they are often eaten by humans and are sometimes eaten by killer whales. Shark embryos from different fathers will also eat each other in utero, with the largest embryo of the... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Sharks

The Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark, also known as the Helium Shark, is a helium-filled toy that can be remotely controlled and appears to swim through the air. The shark can move up and down, while its tail fin... More » Hobbies & Games Toys

Sharks do not have a backbone because their skeletal system is made up of a softer cartilage, just like all the other fish that belong to the Chondrichthyes class. The cartilage found in sharks is not as hard as a real b... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Sharks
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Cookiecutter sharks, also known as cigar sharks, are unusual, small predators that commonly attack much larger prey. Their upper and lower teeth are quite different, with the hook-like upper teeth being much smaller than... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Sharks

Over the years, experts have been trying to determine exactly why great white sharks attack humans. Three of the main theories include the investigatory theory, mistaken identity theory and social-defensive theory. More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Sharks

Sharks are apex predators that have no natural enemies; however, humans are predators of sharks, with an estimated 30 to 100 million sharks are killed every year by fisherman. This has caused many species of sharks to be... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Sharks

Tiger sharks are apex predators, but they are susceptible to being preyed upon by other apex predators -- especially humans. In addition to being consumed by humans as a result of finning and fishing operations, tiger sh... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life